Voices for Vermont’s Children and Public Assets Institute launched the Vermont Education Equity Project in 2017 to acknowledge 20 years of equitable school funding, to maintain this solid fiscal foundation, explore the challenges facing Vermont schools and students and to build on it so that public education in Vermont works for all children.

While fair school funding is not the goal of public education, it is critical to ensuring that every child has the resources they need to succeed in school. On June 26, 2017, Gov. Howard Dean signed Act 60 of 1997 into law. Voices’ Education Matters report released in May 2016 highlights how racial, social and economic inequities negatively impact outcomes for students of all ages.

The goals for the Vermont Education Equity Project are to:

(1) increase general public awareness about the connection between systemic inequities like poverty and racism and the challenges facing Vermont schools and students; and

(2) build a statewide network of people and organizations who

  • understand and support Vermont’s equitable public education funding system,
  • will work to recognize and address the impacts of systemic inequities on Vermont schools and students, and
  • will help develop and support policy agendas that ensure that public education works for all Vermont children.